If you’re thinking about selling your home, pay attention to this! These are the biggest mistakes that I see home sellers make ALL the time. Don’t be like them. Learn from their mistakes and avoid doing these 5 things.

Mistake 1: Setting too high of a sales price. Most buyers filter homes by price. Pricing your home too high can make it so the best buyers for your property never even see your listing! Your agent will help you set the sales prices, so listen to their reasons for the price. Since they know exactly what’s going on in your local market at the moment, it’s best to listen to their expertise–that’s why you hired them, after all!

Mistake 2: Not leaving enough time to prep your home for sale. If you want to get the most money possible out of your home, this is super important. Doing repairs, making a few upgrades, and decluttering before putting your home on the market can boost your ROI big time. Don’t sell your home in a rush–start a plan to get it ready for sale several months in advance. Your agent will also be able to advise you on the best repairs and upgrades to do!

Mistake 3: Not disclosing all issues. Your seller’s disclosure should list all of the issues. Not disclosing is just asking for a bad time (and potentially, a lawsuit). Chances are that whatever you’re trying to hide will come out during the inspection anyway, so it’s best to be upfront and honest with your buyers.

Mistake 4: Getting emotional about the sales process. Selling your home can bring up some big emotions. It’s your home after all and you’re bound to be pretty attached to it. But it’s best to think about selling your home as what it is: a sale. Using strategy and logic in times of emotional overwhelm will help you make the best decisions for your financial future. Having a support system is key here as well, and your agent will help guide you through the more challenging times.

Mistake 5: Not accommodating potential buyers. When possible, making accommodations for your prospects is a good idea and will help you get your home sold faster. Remember that buyers are people too and extend the same courtesy you’d expect if you were in their shoes. It will make the whole process much more enjoyable and easy for everyone involved!

It’s easy to make mistakes as a seller–and those mistakes could cost you a lot of money. Working with an experienced real estate agent is your best bet at avoiding mistakes like these and getting the most money out of your home when you go to sell. I’m currently accepting new seller clients, so if you’d like my help navigating the home selling process, just reply to this email!

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